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We don't believe in chance, we believe in synchronicities.

Our paths crossed, when our lives were ready to welcome us and share a desire, a project, an idea...

We created the Holistik RP Agency following a soul-to-soul meeting of three women passionate about the desire to reveal those who embark on their ideas, their dreams, their businesses.

Harmony and benevolence are our driving forces. It is important to us to exercise our profession with love.

How can we talk about a brand, a person or a project if deep down we don't believe in it ? This is why we choose to reveal the talent of those who fall in love with us!

Together, we combine our experiences and our skills with a common goal: to make you known.

Behind a brand, a project, hides a person who has deployed great energy to exist. A person who is an expert in his field. A person who deserves to be heard and listened to by as many people as possible.

Véréna and Delphine associated with Stéphanie their graphic designer photographer, are available to build hand in hand, the notoriety of your brand or your company, and to reveal the talents in latency.


Delphine - Co-founder,


Customer & Business Development Manager

Passionate about those who are passionate about their profession, it is important to me to reveal the potential in latency.

I feel invested with a mission, that of restoring visibility to courageous entrepreneurs who wish to change the world, bring color to it and protect our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.


I work with love and sincerity because in my opinion these are the best vectors of success.

My motto? Everything is always possible.

My objective ? Make you known to as many people as possible. »

A passion ? Photography. I graduated from ICART PHOTO and ENSP Arles. I have exhibited my photographs in Paris and Miami. My eye is sharp to best meet the graphic and visual requests of customers.



Stephanie - Graphic Designer & Photographer


Véréna -  Co-founder


Press Officer & Communication and Image Manager

Trained as a lawyer, I  left behind the monotony of my codes to embark on this great adventure as a press officer. 


From this initial training, je  preserves all the resources acquired like a treasure: great curiosity, editorial skills and rigor.


Gather information, write from a relevant angle to generate editorials and/or interviews, preempt new trends, this is my playground! 


Persevering, I am only satisfied once the desired results are achieved!

Mon leitmotif? Communicate on brands that inspire me and whose convictions I  share. 

My objective ?   seduce in substance and form. 

My passion : Psychology, Personal Development and the Universe of the Press. I am certified "Press Expert" by the Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM).

Looking forward to meeting you :) 



Mathilde - Press Officer

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